***Garments made before 2010 are outside of 10 yr NFPA requirement.


QTY:3 Size: 36x26 Yr: 1998, 2005, 2011

QTY:1 Size: 44x26 Yr: 2006

QTY:1 Size: 36x26 Yr: 2003

QTY:2 Size: 46x26 Yr: 1995, 2003

QTY:4 Size: 32x28 Yr: 2001, 2003

QTY:11 Size: 34x28 Yr: 4x1991, 5x2000, 2x2002

QTY:4 Size: 36x28 Yr: 2000

QTY:11 Size: 38x28 Yr: 1x1998, 2x1999, 4x2000, 1x2002, 3x2006

QTY:7 Size: 40x28 Yr: 6x2001, 1x2006

QTY:4 Size: 42x28 Yr: 2x1996, 1x1998, 1x2000

QTY:17 Size: 44x28 Yr: 7x1996, 3x2000, 3x2001, 3x2002, 1x2004

QTY:7 Size: 46x28 Yr: 1x1996, 3x2000, 3x2002

QTY:1 Size: 32x30 Yr:2001

QTY:24 Size: 34x30 Yr: 2x1997, 2x1998, 7x2000, 9x2001, 4x2002

QTY:3 Size: 36x30 Yr: 2x2000, 1x2003

QTY:1 Size: 40x30 Yr: 2006

QTY:4 Size: 42x30 Yr: 2x2002, 2x2004

QTY:1 Size: 30x32 Yr: 1998

QTY:4 Size: 32x32 Yr: 1x1999, 2x2000, 1x2003

QTY:1 Size: 34x34 Yr: 2003

Globe GX-7 Pant NON NFPA

SKU: 92782
Color: Yellow

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